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Town Hall nears completion


city hall.jpg


Tension was building in October 1940... the WPA grant was to run out in November, and the Town hall was not yet complete.   Note the reflecting pool "lake" in front of City Hall and the homes on the ridge in back of the hall.  The lake was unfortunately destroyed in the 1950's.   


Photo Courtesy, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library, Arlington, Texas.



SUMMER 1937  

Mayor Farrell


City council meets at the home of J.M. Loffland called to order by Mayor J.E. Farrell with commissioners Furd

Halsell and J. M. Loffland. Raymond

Gee elected as town clerk, Tax

Assessor and Collector.  Commissioner Loffland Commissioner assigned to  Parks, Finance, and Streets.  Halsell assigned Police, Fire and Sanitation

and appointed Charles Roeser appointed Police and Fire Commissioner.  Legal committee was R.E. Harwick, P.O.Settle,L.L. Gambell,

and Hayne Edwards.







policereporter.jpg   police2.jpg


The PD reports a burglary from a landscape van on 10.05.2012. Above, still shots of the vehicle and one of the suspects From the Bass Security cameras.   If you’ve seen this car or know the suspect, call the Westover PD at 827.737.3127


House egged and windows broken on Cantebury -  not the first time for Susan Olcott, but this one scary as two people drove up, got out of the car and threw eggs. Two windows were broken.   Broken glass alarms went off and police responded quickly and are investigating.  Security photos will identify.


FW Bad Dog strikes again ... close


Tom McDonald reports "Yesterday during my walk a black, mixed breed, female dog  about 45# with a red collar roamed up and down Westover Drive.  I found out that dog bit a person at the intersection of Ems and Klamath, inside FW and about 1 ½ blocks from my house. I also learned this is the same black dog that bit two Shady Oaks residents two years ago.  This was the incident that spurred the development of the municipal  court two years ago".  An incident inside Westover Hills will be handled differently in the future. 



Police return to 12 hour shifts- this allows younger officers to have more chance at a weekend off


Do you have security cameras?   A quick review of local sources for do it yourself and agencies.    Click here


















10/15/2012 8:11 PM




September PD related activity

Officers involved in Big Bird strike  Who was more surprised in a recent collision between a large hawk and a PD Tahoe is hard to know – both were momentarily stunned. But the physics of the situation ultimately favored the Tahoe, and officers were for a while scratching their heads about exactly what to next when the hawk began to shudder and return to this dimension. A hawk is pretty good about defending itself ( ask Jack Miller about hawks and falcons – he’s had training) and prompted rapid discussion.  Knowing there is an aviary at the Van Cliburn estate, officers bundled the bird up and sped it over.  Transfer was made to a wild life rehab unit, and at last check both the officer and the bird are doing fine although both are looking around a lot more now.


Mosquitoes get the press, but snakes and sick raccoons still a problem in Westover Hills   We get regular updates on mosquitoes, but Richard Davidovich reports the snake population, or at least one Cottonmouth is still around.  Officers took care of them promptly. 


Cantebury has also been the site for a sick raccoon wandering around in circles during the day.   The animal was sacrificed and examined by the state with negative results for rabies.   Most likely the raccoon had distemper, a fatal viral disease in dogs and raccoons.  The virus is kin to the measles virus, but not transmissible  to humans.  The virus, which is spread through the air and by direct or indirect (i.e. utensils, bedding) contact with an infected animal. The major symptoms include high fever ,reddened eyes, and a watery discharge from the nose and eyes. Cats have a different form of distemper from a parvo virus – not the same thing.   The implications are certain- with raccoons and many other critters  common to the Hills, your pets have to be immunized which is total protection.  Do not feed young unimmunized puppies from dishes raccoons may have visited.  No rabies have ever been detected in our area.


Cursing Bicyclist continues to train in Westover Hills                      

A cyclist nicknamed as the “Dog Curser” for his often loud and profane retort to dogs inside yards along his training route  has been sighted again in September. The “dog curser”, a 45ish white male decked in full spandex racing attire and sunglasses, often speeds down hills at very high rates of speed endangering walkers with a silent approach.